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Glen Arbor Baby Equipment Rentals

For those families planning a vacation in gorgeous Glen Arbor, Michigan, we want you to know that yes, Tiny Toes Travel does deliver to Glen Arbor!  We often deliver crib rentals (and other baby equipment rentals) to The Homestead Resort and Le Bear Resort, as well as to various other Glen Arbor rental homes.  Please visit our delivery page for current order minimums and delivery fees.

If you have never been to Glen Arbor and would like to read more about it, or to learn more about The Homestead and LeBear Resort, visit these sites:

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 231-384-5852.

Visiting Alden Part 2

Shanty Creek Resorts has created a “Travel Destination Video Series” and they just put out the video below about Alden.  How timely since I just wrote about Alden last week (thanks, Shanty Creek!).


Visiting Alden

I just delivered two cribs to Alden yesterday, and the trip reaffirmed two of the many reasons I love this business:  1)  I get to visit areas that I normally don’t get out to see, and 2) I get a chance to meet wonderful families from all over the world.

Alden Michigan at Torch Lake

Alden, Michigan is nestled beside beautiful Torch Lake, and after delivering the crib rentals to a house on the lake, I am ready to book a vacation there!

Alden has a cute downtown area with many specialty shops, and I passed a nice park with tennis courts on the way that I look forward to taking my sons to.  There are also several golf courses nearby for the golfers in your family.  They have a lot more than that, though, so to find out more about Alden visit

If you are looking for a rental property in Alden visit Paradise Properties, located in downtown Alden.