Baby Safety Gate Rentals

There are two ways of mounting baby safety gates: pressure mounting, which doesn’t require hardware or drilling holes in the walls, and hardware mounting, which does.  In your own home hardware mounting can be very convenient, as the gate is more secure and depending on the type of gate, you can walk through the gate instead of walking over it or moving it.  However, when it comes to baby safety gate rentals pressure-mounting is the only way to go, since property owners aren’t so thrilled when you drill holes in their walls. 😉

Renting Baby Safety Gates

So, there are a couple of things to consider before you rent a baby safety gate:

  1. Where you will need the gate:
    • Pressure-mounted gates are perfect for doorways and hallways.
    • Pressure-mounted gates cannot be used at the top of stairs, as they aren’t secure enough to prevent a child from pushing it over.

  2. The walls and molding in the doorway and hallway where you’ll be mounting the gate:
    • If the gate will be placed in an opening with baseboards or other uneven surfaces, the gate will need to have adjustment knobs for an optimal fit.  NOTE: The baby safety gates that we rent at Tiny Toes Travel DO have these adjustment knobs.
    • Some places (such as the bottom of stairs where there are baseboards and railings, and a stair sticking out) have too many uneven levels and the gate may not work, even with the adjustment knobs.

If you’re not sure about the layout of your vacation rental property in Northern Michigan, no worries!  Just ask us to bring some safety gates with us when we deliver your baby equipment rentals, and we can help you to decide if they will work in your location and how many gates you will need.

If you have any questions about our baby safety gates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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