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Visiting Alden

I just delivered two cribs to Alden yesterday, and the trip reaffirmed two of the many reasons I love this business:  1)  I get to visit areas that I normally don’t get out to see, and 2) I get a chance to meet wonderful families from all over the world.

Alden Michigan at Torch Lake

Alden, Michigan is nestled beside beautiful Torch Lake, and after delivering the crib rentals to a house on the lake, I am ready to book a vacation there!

Alden has a cute downtown area with many specialty shops, and I passed a nice park with tennis courts on the way that I look forward to taking my sons to.  There are also several golf courses nearby for the golfers in your family.  They have a lot more than that, though, so to find out more about Alden visit http://www.visitalden.com/home.html.

If you are looking for a rental property in Alden visit Paradise Properties, located in downtown Alden.