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Rent a Car Seat at TVC (Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City)

If you or your guests are flying in to Traverse City with little ones, you may need a car seat for the drive from the airport to your destination.  We can help!  We rent car seats for children who weigh anywhere between 4lbs and 100lbs, and who are up to 57 inches tall.

There are a few delivery options:

  • If you are flying in to Cherry Capital Airport we can meet you at the airport on the day you arrive, and again on the day you depart.  We will work around your arrival and departure time so that you do not need to wait around at the airport. The standard Traverse City delivery fee of $15 applies.
  • If you need a car seat for your guests and you will be picking them up at the airport:
    • You can pick up the car seat on your way to the airport by meeting us near Meijer in Traverse.  There is no delivery fee for this option.
    • We can deliver the car seats to your home before your guests fly in.  The delivery fee for your city applies.

If you have any questions about renting a car seat at TVC or anywhere in Northern Michigan, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 231-384-5852 or via email at reservations@tinytoestravel.com.

Yes, we deliver to hotels and resorts!

We were recently asked if we deliver to hotels and resorts, and we most certainly do!  In fact, just this month we rented cribs to customers staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and Crystal Mountain Resort (two of my family’s favorite places to be!).

While some hotels do rent cribs, many either don’t rent them or rent only pack-n-plays or smaller, portable cribs.  Those options can work well, especially if you are only staying for one or two nights, but if you are staying longer than that, or you know that your baby is only going to sleep well in a full-size crib with a thick mattress (like the one he has at home), we would be happy to deliver one of our beautiful, full-size wooden cribs to your destination hotel or resort.

Rent a Beach Cabana

We are now renting beach cabanas to shade you and your little ones while at the beach.  As a person who gets a little grouchy when I’m in the sun too long, I know that not only do babies need relief from the sun, parents need it sometimes, too!  So, I searched for a cabana large enough to fit adults and children, while being easy to set up, and I found this:

Beach Cabana 2

Why I love it:

  • A full front “porch” so you’re not sitting on the sand and getting sand all over your baby
  • Three windows for good air ventilation
  • UPF 50+
  • Easy to set up and easy to put away
  • A great size – not too big while being large enough to fit adults and children: 96″ (L) x 59″ (W) x 48″ (H)

Visit our Beach Cabana – Sun Shade page for more details or to place your reservation to rent a beach cabana during your next vacation in Northern Michigan.

The Cleaning Products We Use

Ever since my first child was born, keeping babies healthy naturally and supporting the health of the planet have been passions of mine.  These passions lead me to create Hazelnut Kids, a toy store offering only the healthiest, most natural toys available (made of organic cotton, wool, wood, and bamboo).  Even though I sold Hazelnut Kids several years ago, those passions are still a big part of me, so when I decided to create Tiny Toes Travel, finding the best baby equipment and cleaning the equipment naturally was a top priority.

In case you’re wondering what products we use to clean our baby equipment, here is a picture of the main products that we use:

Cleaning products used on Tiny Toes TravelSol-U-Guard Botanical, made by Melaleuca, is our primary cleaner.  Instead of bleach, it uses Thymol, a component of Thyme Oil, and we use it to disinfect all of our equipment between each rental.  It is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.  I am thankful to have found a product that disinfects so well without using bleach, as I wouldn’t want nasty bleach residue being near the babies who are using our equipment, and I wouldn’t want to contribute to bleach going into the earth’s land and water.

We use Sol-U-Mel, also made by Melaleuca, to treat stains on bedding before washing them with either Biokleen or Seventh Generation laundry detergents. We also use Seventh Generation dish liquid for general cleaning before disinfecting.

If you have any questions about our cleaning policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Glen Arbor Baby Equipment Rentals

For those families planning a vacation in gorgeous Glen Arbor, Michigan, we want you to know that yes, Tiny Toes Travel does deliver to Glen Arbor!  We often deliver crib rentals (and other baby equipment rentals) to The Homestead Resort and Le Bear Resort, as well as to various other Glen Arbor rental homes.  Please visit our delivery page for current order minimums and delivery fees.

If you have never been to Glen Arbor and would like to read more about it, or to learn more about The Homestead and LeBear Resort, visit these sites:

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 231-384-5852.

What if I Only Need to Rent a Stroller in Traverse City?

Good news!  You can now rent baby equipment in Northern Michigan from Tiny Toes Travel with only a $20 minimum order.

We now offer a free pick-up option near Meijer in Traverse City, so if you’d like to just rent a stroller, a high chair, a bouncy seat, a car seat, or any of our other items, but don’t need them delivered to your hotel or rental home, we can set up a time to meet when you’ll be near Meijer.  You can also rent our sturdy, wooden folding cribs this way, but you will need a larger vehicle to accommodate the crib and mattress.

Please contact us with any questions.

New Option: Pick Up Your Baby Equipment Rental Order in Traverse City

We are now offering customers the option to pick up their baby equipment rental orders in Traverse City (near Meijer on US-31) with no delivery fee and only a $20 minimum order.

This is a great option for those traveling to areas that we do not currently deliver to, for those who do not meet the $60 minimum order criteria for delivery orders, and for those who would prefer to not pay a delivery fee.

Please note that although most of our equipment will fit in a car, cribs are not eligible for pick-up in Traverse City, and must be delivered by Tiny Toes Travel staff.

Please contact us for details.

Renting a Crib and Other Baby Sleep Options

Traveling parents often wonder where to have their baby sleep while on vacation.  Should they just bring along a pack ‘n play for the week?  Rent a portable or full-size crib?  Use the hotel’s crib or the old crib that their parents have had in storage at their house since they were a child?

WARNING:  I’M BIASED ON THIS TOPIC.  But, I’m biased for a good reason.  I know that the health, safety, and comfort of your baby are important to you at all times, so that won’t change when you are on vacation.  But, your baby may be thrown off slightly by being in a new environment, so the more you can make your baby feel like he’s back home, the better he (and you) will sleep and the happier he (and you) will be while on vacation.  And as a busy parent, you deserve a relaxing vacation!

Option #1 – Pack ‘N Plays: 

Pack N Play

It can save money and be convenient to either bring your own Pack ‘N Play or to rent one.  We rent Pack ‘N Plays at Tiny Toes Travel, but I don’t recommend them for sleeping at night, especially not for a week-long vacation.  I have heard from parents who have done that on past vacations and they swear they will never do it again.  Babies generally don’t sleep as well or as deeply in them as they do in a more spacious crib with a firmer surface.

Option #2 – Rent a Portable Crib: 

Portable Crib

Note: Bumpers are not included

We also rent wooden portable cribs at Tiny Toes Travel, and they can be great depending on the length of your stay and the amount of space that you have.  They cost slightly less to rent, and the ones we rent are sturdy, wooden cribs.  They take up less room than a full-size crib because they are smaller and they fold-up when not in use.  The downsides are that the mattress can’t be thicker than two inches in a portable crib, so the mattress is not as firm as a standard crib mattress, and portable cribs are smaller than full-size cribs so your baby will not have as much room as he is used to.

If you only need the crib for a couple of nights this option may work fine, and a recent customer of ours told us that her baby slept really well in the portable crib for the one night that they had it.  But, if you need a crib for a full week, I recommend renting a full-size crib instead of a portable crib.

Option #3 – Rent a Full-Size Crib:

Full Size Folding Crib with Mattress

Note: Bumpers and comforter are not included

Renting a full-size, JPMA-certified crib is the best option in most circumstances.  The only downside is that if you are staying in a very small space, it takes up more room than a portable crib.  But, your baby will feel like the king that he is sleeping with the same amount of space that he usually has, and on a mattress as thick as he is used to.

Caveat: Not all rental cribs are equal!  Before renting a crib from a baby equipment rental company or hotel make sure that:

  1. The crib is JPMA-certified and complies with current federal regulations.  Note: Hotels, motels, and baby equipment rental companies have until December 28, 2012 to meet the new federal standards, so between now and then their cribs may not meet current safety standards.
  2. The crib is NOT a drop-size crib!  This should go without saying since drop-side cribs can no longer be made or sold in the United States, but there are still some companies using them.
  3. The crib is fully cleaned and sanitized (ideally using natural cleaners) and the hardware is thoroughly checked between rentals.
  4. The linens do not have strong scents and ideally have been washed using fragrance-free detergents without dryer sheets, especially if your baby is sensitive to scents.

Option #4 – Use a hotel’s crib or the old crib being stored at your parents’ house: Some hotels offer full-size crib, while others use smaller portable cribs.  As mentioned in the caveat in option #3 above, hotels do not need to comply with current federal crib safety standards until December 28, 2012.  So, if you decide to use a hotel’s crib, ask the hotel about the size of the crib, whether the crib meets the latest federal safety standards, and how they clean and sanitize the cribs.  It’s probably a good idea to bring your own crib sheets, too.  As far as the crib at your parents’ house, if it was purchased prior to June 28, 2011 (which is when all cribs sold in the United States needed to meet new the new federal crib safety requirements), it is probably not as safe as it needs to be.

Additional information about crib safety can be found at the following links:

Baby Safety Gate Rentals

There are two ways of mounting baby safety gates: pressure mounting, which doesn’t require hardware or drilling holes in the walls, and hardware mounting, which does.  In your own home hardware mounting can be very convenient, as the gate is more secure and depending on the type of gate, you can walk through the gate instead of walking over it or moving it.  However, when it comes to baby safety gate rentals pressure-mounting is the only way to go, since property owners aren’t so thrilled when you drill holes in their walls. 😉

Renting Baby Safety Gates

So, there are a couple of things to consider before you rent a baby safety gate:

  1. Where you will need the gate:
    • Pressure-mounted gates are perfect for doorways and hallways.
    • Pressure-mounted gates cannot be used at the top of stairs, as they aren’t secure enough to prevent a child from pushing it over.

  2. The walls and molding in the doorway and hallway where you’ll be mounting the gate:
    • If the gate will be placed in an opening with baseboards or other uneven surfaces, the gate will need to have adjustment knobs for an optimal fit.  NOTE: The baby safety gates that we rent at Tiny Toes Travel DO have these adjustment knobs.
    • Some places (such as the bottom of stairs where there are baseboards and railings, and a stair sticking out) have too many uneven levels and the gate may not work, even with the adjustment knobs.

If you’re not sure about the layout of your vacation rental property in Northern Michigan, no worries!  Just ask us to bring some safety gates with us when we deliver your baby equipment rentals, and we can help you to decide if they will work in your location and how many gates you will need.

If you have any questions about our baby safety gates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visiting Alden Part 2

Shanty Creek Resorts has created a “Travel Destination Video Series” and they just put out the video below about Alden.  How timely since I just wrote about Alden last week (thanks, Shanty Creek!).